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Coaching Deep Structural Change

Together, we craft a different story

We Shift from Limiting Beliefs, Entrenched PatternsUncertainty, and Stuckness to Living New Ideas and Hopes


 "I am grateful for the way Jyotsna listened, mindfully and without ever interrupting. She could give me back my words with a new perspective. She has an incredible ability to understand without judgment." 

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Collaborative Conversations have been invaluable in my own life. They have helped me learn to work through adversity and stuckness, to find and recognize my own skills and abilities, and to move forward in professional transitions. I approach my work with rigor, passion, and a skillfullness that includes extensive training as well as my own lived experience.

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Claiming our skills and abilities as authors of our lives and identities. 


Developmental practices to grow
competency in 
professional and
life transitions

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