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We are not the stories others tell of us and yet we can often be tricked by them and suffer with feelings of inadequacy, shame, anxiety and stuckness.  In Narrative Conversations we reflect on the stories that are currently shaping our reality and the problems they have invited into our lives. With curiousity, care and deep attention to the the experience of a living, knowing body, we learn to replace criticism and judgment with acceptance, appreciation and affection; establish more clear and compassionate ways of communicating; replace deeply ingrained habits with dynamic awareness and deeper connection.

In this process of creating new stories, my hope is that you to find a more compassionate understanding of your own feelings, beliefs and needs which translates into perspectives and behaviours that enliven your agency, align with your values, and create more possibilities for your relationships and life. 

Therapy has been invaluable in my own life and has helped me learn how to work through adversity and stuckness, to find and recognize my own skills and abilities, and to be able to move forward in difficult times. These experiences inform what I hope to bring to my therapeutic relationships.

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We become who we are through relationship. 

Love is not a permanent state of enthusiasm. Couples Therapy is for you if you are concerned about your relationship, if you are experiencing disconnection, anger, loneliness or in transition. Our sessions are about developing practical strategies and tools to reestablish healthy communication and connection so that you can successfully work through cycles of harmony and disharmony with effective repair mechanisms.


With Couples I am informed by the Gottman Method which has identified patterns of harms to relationships and what helps strengthen couples and families.

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"Jyotsna has been key in my son's transformation, affirming at every turn his strengths and beauties, and refusing the labels that he had been given by other psychologists in New York." 


Coaching is targeted on identifying developmental practices to grow specific competencies in relationship to professional or life transitions. We A.R.E. is a powerful program to meet you where you are and move you to where you want to be. 

Adjust | A new way of seeing.

We observe where we are, visualize change and adjust our perspective to see new possibilities in our lives and careers, to operate outside of common ground.

Realign | A new way of feeling.

We use powerful grounding practices and courageous questions to feel alignment with and connected to purpose

Embody | A new way of being.

We experience what is possible when we work with renewed energy, creativity and spirit .

Through our work together we expand your self-awareness, help you to identify your own needs and inner resources, and cultivate a greater sense of perspective and self-acceptance. We use transformational practices in a flexible process that works in diverse contexts for both individuals and groups.

"You won’t find anyone more committed and creative about meeting you where you are and taking you where you want to go. I have worked with Jyotsna on several personal and professional concerns over ten years and in each conversation she knows exactly what questions to ask , which threads to pull,  and when to double click in a way that really drives self reflection and solutions. Jyotsna has helped me from single issue thinking to a more holistic approach to situations which generates solutions that are structural and create lasting change, personally and professionally."

Director, Venture Capital Firm 

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